Joyce Pommer:Spatial Improvisations

Joyce Pommer: Spatial Improvisations

Joyce Pommer’s extraordinary nature-inspired abstractions encourage visual movements across the surface, into and out of collaged layers of handmade fabrics, monprints, marbled papers and other diverse materials.  Some paintings arise from applying gesso over earlier paintings, sanding them down and letting some of the imagery come through.  Other areas are created by directly applying materials and painting over the surface.  All of the the paintings emphasize spatial relationships and dancing, juggling movements. Clusters of shapes, patterns and textures are combined with open atmospheric areas that suggest soft mysterious environments. Pommer’s hard edged shapes provide clarity, while her softly painted areas provide warm human flow.

Joyce Pommer Exhibit, Gallery 705 Room 2

Oasis (acrylic, fabric, marbled paper on canvas) Integrated Spaces (acrylic, papers, fabric on canvas)